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The Rules (MUST READ)

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The Rules (MUST READ)

Post by Roshan on Sun Jun 09, 2013 5:09 am

Hey! Welcome to this Forum.
This forum is about mainly Animal Crossing.
Feel free to talk about other things other games or memes, please do so in the right category.
If you need any help, please make a topic in the "HELP" category.

Sick of the ads? PM "Roshan" to add yo the the premium list. This will remove the ads.
Be sure to have 15+ posts or els u won't get added !

(Memes) Random
About the "Random" category, NO SEXUALITY! NO RACISM!


1. No harrasment.
2. No sexuality.
3. No racism.
4. No spam.
5. Use common sense.

To become a Admin/Mod, u must need 50+ posts.
Fill this in and pm the owner;
1. Age:
2. Name:
3. Why?:

I hope you enjoy using this Forum. bounce
Want to talk in your own language?
Make a topic with your language in it, like a tag.


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